The Families Against Narcotics (FAN) mission and vision is to raise awareness of the prescription opiate drug abuse epidemic, in order to reduce the stigma and change the face of addiction through education about the dangers of prescription and illegal drug abuse and addiction in all walks of life.  

We strive to be supportive of all of those affected by substance use disorders and addictions by changing the perception and giving hope to those affected by drug abuse and addiction.  This entails providing any information available for those suffering with substance use disorder and to educate and share treatment resources available to assist families in need of help.  We act as advocates for change in the perception and treatment of addiction by enhancing knowledge of the disease of addiction.  

Our meetings consist of real people sharing real experiences with factual data, to help remove the stigma related to addiction.  We seek to provide an open community forum designed to welcome all families, professionals, those in recovery, or those struggling with addiction, in order to make a difference and change the negative perception placed on addiction.  We want to raise awareness through education, with the goal of saving lives by working together in our community to make a difference.  This is accomplished not only through education about the dangers of prescription and illegal narcotic use, but also by providing support to those affected by drug abuse and addiction. 

Our goal is to encompass change in the awareness and treatment of addiction and to be an advocate for change throughout society. Through Real People Sharing Real Stories and factual data, we reduce the stigma attached to addiction and create an open environment for families and professionals to receive valuable insight. Through these goals we hope to nurture a community atmosphere that can make a difference and offer positive solutions to help save lives. 

The FAN Calhoun County Chapter was founded following the accidental overdose of Nicholas Grumeretz.  Nick's mother, Kristi Angelo, works in Law Enforcement and has served in many different communities throughout her career.  She became aware of how communications within all agencies involved in society (from healthcare to law enforcement) are lacking the ability and empathy in supporting families dealing with addiction.

"Following my son Nick's death on June 6, 2013, I was blessed to have a great friend and sister in Christ, Trooper Ailene Bitnar, come to my side and guide each step I needed to take.  Ailene was truly my Godsend and helped me to get through the first week of this life-changing tragedy," recalled Kristi. 

Ailene referred Kristi to the FAN organization, as she was on the advisory board for the FAN Chapter in Chippewa County.  She thought it would be something Kristi should look into, however she made Kristi promise to first take some time to allow herself to heal.  

A few months later, Kristi located the nearest FAN chapter to Calhoun County, which was the Okemos/Ingham County Chapter.  There, she became acquainted with Chapter Vice President, Phil Pavona.  She attended a meeting and was amazed at the difference and support she felt with the group.  Kristi felt like she was at home, welcomed and among others that understood her plight.  She was overwhelmed at how many people struggle through this epidemic facing our nation.  

In 2014, Kristi co-founded the Southwest Michigan FAN Chapter with Nancy King, whom she met through the school system.  Both women share the painful loss of a child due to overdose.  

In June of 2016, the FAN Calhoun County Chapter was established to help accomplish more personal connections within the community.  By working together, we can make changes one step at at time. Where there is life, there is hope, and through education and support, we can change and save one life at a time.  


2nd Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00pm

Barista Blues Cafe

91 W. Michigan Ave.,
Battle Creek, MI. 49015

All are welcome to attend.
(Children 10 and older please.)


Kristi Angelo
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Kristi is a Michigan State Police Trooper, with over 20 years in law enforcement, whose career has had a focus on issues that affect communities, including child abuse, substance abuse and school safety.  In her role as a Community Services Trooper in West Michigan, she works with students and adults of all ages, teaching and giving presentations on a variety of subject such as sexting, bullying, elder abuse and the dangers of abusing prescription medications and street drugs. She is also involved in a variety of community organizations including the Subtance Abuse Council Meth/Medicine Abuse Task Force, the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Council and the Child Advocacy Review Board. She also participates in the Felony Drug and Sobriety Court.  In her duties as a law enforcement officer, she has seen first hand the results of alcohol and drug abuse on individuals, families and communities.  She has also experienced these effects in her personal life. In June of 2013, she lost a piece of her heart when her beloved son, Nicholas Grumeretz died due to an accidental overdose of prescription medication.  Her family lost a son, a brother and a father too soon, and her community lost a gifted and popular young man, talented in the production of electronic music.

Sherii Sherban
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Vice President

Sherii is Chief Operating Officer of a locally-owned family advertising business, and publisher and executive editor of two publications that serve Southwestern and South Central Michigan, "Senior Times of South Central Michigan", a monthly newspaper targeting seniors and their adult children, and Scene Magazine, a much-loved positive magazine that showcases diverse community efforts, people, and destinations. Also, she is the host for "Be Scene on Air with Sherii Sherban," a weekly AccessVision program that highlights positive people, places and happenings in our area. She was a catalyst for Miles for Memories, a grassroots effort to identify ways to help get the community moving in order to change the direction of Alzheimer's. Local events raise awareness and funds to support movement, programming and research efforts in our community. She teaches emergency medical technician skills to college students as well as safety and drug abuse prevention to adults and children; is on numerous committees and boards; and thoroughly enjoys family, friends, biking, running, sewing, and crafts. 

Rossetta Eldred 
Term Exp 12/17

Rossetta is a person in long term recovery, established 4-15-14. She is a graduate of the Calhoun Country Drug Court Program, and is one of the first meth addicts in Calhoun Country to complete DHHS's treatment program and have her child returned to her from foster care.  Since her graduation from drug court in June of 2015, she has become very involved in recovery advocacy. She will complete her Bachelors of Social Work degree in December of 2016, and plans to continue on for her Master's.  She works as an Outreach Coordinator at the Alano Club of Battle Creek and is very active in 12 Step Recovery.  

Maryann Versallo
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Maryann has been a member of Battle Creek Community for 25 years. Owning Barista Blues Café, downtown Battle Creek has given much insight to the problems substance abuse can create.  She has been active in several Community Programs and Organizations throughout the area to help better our community.


Tracy Barnes

Tracy is an RN for Bronson Battle creek. She has been an RN for thirty years and twenty-nine of those years have been for the local Battle Creek community hospital. During her time as an RN she has witnessed many that have come through the hospital doors needing help with narcotic dependency. Not until addiction hit her own home did she realize how little resources there was for those seeking recovery. Tracy's son had been addicted to prescription narcotics and heroin since 2010 and is now been clean for almost one year. Tracy and her son want to make a difference in their community to provide education and support for others that are suffering from addiction and their families; as there is hope.

Sally Goss

Sally has been a resident of Battle Creek for 36 years during that time she has been a full time volunteer while raising three children. She has done community gardening, and served on the garden tour committee for 14 years, served on Midnight at the Creek for 10 years when it was in existence in the 1990s, was involved with PTA, booster groups for many school associated events, and helped execute a mileage for Lakeview Schools. Sally worked at Chapel Hill United Methodist church for 22 years as the Director of Congregational Life helping people live their lives walking on a path with God. Having a child who has struggled with addictions for 20 years her and her husband  have lived with the pain of seeing the worst of that side of life, and so far have survived. They are well aware of how people treat the issues, and how a parent feels trying to keep the child, the family and themselves intact.   "The only way to live through these challenges is to find a trustworthy support group, talk, share, cry, and continue to believe that it is out of your hands, it has to come from within the person dealing with the addiction."

Jennifer Dehn, 

Jennifer and her husband, Karl have three children and reside in the Battle Creek Lakeview area.  She is employed by the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo as Life Enrichment Manager at the Upjohn Care and Rehabilitation Center. Jennifer and her family have been affected by the opioid epidemic.  Her goal is to promote education, reduce stigma while providing families with peer support and tangible resources.   She also aims to be a driving force in promoting legislative changes in regards to mental health and addiction in the state of Michigan and nationwide.


Shannon Roberts

William Beaumont Hospital

Joe Huepenbecker

Superintendent and Principal for Athens High School

Becky Davis, M.A.., LPC

WLRP-Coordinator, The Haven

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