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Lapeer county

The Lapeer FAN chapter was founded in response to a growing heroin problem in Lapeer County. Prosecuting Attorney Byron Konschuh began a Heroin Task Force with community professionals and community members to try to stem the growing drug problem.


Through this activity, Byron was introduced to the Macomb FAN group. A few of the Macomb FAN members came to Lapeer in November of 2011 to discuss the possibility of Lapeer becoming the first new chapter. At the end of that meeting, the attendees were asked if anyone would take a leadership role and Lapeer held their first meeting the very next month, in December of 2011. Our membership is growing slowly and includes parents affected by addiction, concerned citizens, law enforcement, school administrators, health professionals, and people who are in recovery from substance use disorder.


Families Against Narcotics works together to educate communities throughout Lapeer County on the specific dangers of abusing prescription opiate-based painkillers and to bring awareness of the growing heroin problem in our area. 


 2nd Thursday of the Month
7:00-9:00 pm
St. Matthews Anglican Church
220 W. Nepessing Street
Lapeer,  MI 48446

All are welcome to attend.
(Children 10 and older please.)

(810) 728-2033


Jessica Waldek
Term Exp 12/22

My involvement with FAN began in 2016. I had fought with my sister about her addiction for years. I blinded myself as much as I could until she turned to heroin. I had finally had enough, and thought something needed to be done to educate people on the dangers of prescription drugs. On that mission, I came across FAN's Lapeer County chapter and decided to give their monthly meeting a try. I never in a million years thought I would find a group of people with the same concerns and passion as I have! I don't know where I would be without the support and motivation FAN has given me. I am more than proud to be a part of this board. My mission is to educate. My hope is that one day we won't need to.

Tina Dinnan
Vice President & Acting Secretary Term Exp. 12/20

Tina is a founding member of the Lapeer chapter of FAN. Her son, Mitch, passed away from a prescription drug overdose in 2009. Before joining FAN, Tina was doing drug awareness presentations in schools, churches, and anywhere she could get an audience. Her passion now is to raise awareness so others do not experience the devastation that drugs bring. When she heard that the Lapeer prosecuting attorney was starting a Heroin Task Force, she called him and asked to join, which resulted in her association with the FAN organization. Tina has 35 years experience in the automotive industry.

Tim Brady
Term Exp 12/20

Tim and his wife Karen joined FAN and Families Anonymous in 2011 after many years of struggling with an addicted daughter.  "Nothing can prepare you for the chaos when faced with the addiction of a loved one," Tim says. "These groups gave us the education we needed to improve our lives and assured us that we were not alone. When people in recovery come to FAN meetings and tell their story of addiction, and what helped them overcome their demons, you gain perspective of the disease and you gain hope.  By working on our recovery as well, it helps your addicted loved one learn boundaries.  Education within the community is essential to overcome the struggles of addiction."


Pegg Patten
Term Exp 12/20

Pegg became involved with the Lapeer branch of Families Against Narcotics because her son, Alex, is in recovery from a heroin addiction. Despite her 25 years working in the criminal justice system, Pegg was ignorant about so much relating to addiction. When her family learned of Alex's addiction, Pegg was not at all prepared to respond to the crisis that now faced her family. Through her involvement with FAN, she has been able to educate herself and others about addiction. She also wanted to be a part of educating other parents and the community about the true face of addiction, as opposed to how people with addiction are portrayed by the media and the movies. "Not only has my involvement with FAN been a life saver for my family," Pegg says, "but I feel I am better able to assist the families I encounter through my work that are struggling with their addiction or that of their loved one." Pegg also believes in the restoration of people with substance use disorder to the community, which is also one of the goals of FAN. "Our loved ones who are in recovery need and deserve our support."

Todd Anglebrant
Term Exp 12/20
Cindy Hummel
Term Exp 2021
Joe Davis  
Term Exp 2021
Nevin Simons
Term Exp 2021
Diane Walker
Term Exp 12/19

Diane is a nurse practitioner at Hurley Medical Center, which is a level I trauma center serving Genesee and surrounding counties. She has over 30 years experience dealing with patients who suffer from chronic pain. Her career includes positions in clinical and administrative areas. Although she primarily cares for cancer patients and others at the end of their lives, she frequently works with patients who are struggling with chronic pain. She is challenged daily in her role as she is faced with patients who have both pain and substance abuse issues. She is passionate about providing education to health care providers, patients, and families regarding safe and effective prescribing, as well as the risks and dangers of pain medications.

Danielle Giles
Director Term Exp 2020


Judge Byron Konschuh
Lapeer County Circuit Court Judge

Rector Colleen Dewey
St. Matthew's Anglican Church

Mark Lichliter
Attorney at Law

Mike Sharkey
Lapeer County Prosecutors Office

Jeremy Campeau
Medstar Ambulance Service

Bruce McGhee
Catholic Charities


Mindy Schwab
Professional Alcohol & Substance Screening


Jeremy Howe

Dan Basey

Community Mental Health


Brenda Nusz
Community  Supporter​


Sheriff Scott McKenna
Lapeer County Sheriff's Office

Lieutenant Jeremy Carter
Michigan State Police- Lapeer

Gary Austin


Wayne Strandberg
CMH and Region 10 Board Member

Recovery Advisory Board Members

Lauren Brady Malone
Person in Recovery

Alex Patten
Person in Recovery

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