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Lenawee FAN was established in early 2023 by a group of individuals who recognized the need to create a FAN chapter. They wanted to form an organization that could address gaps in available addiction services, educate community members about substance use disorders, and reduce stigma, while providing resources and support for families. For a number of members, forming this chapter was deeply personal, because they had lost loved ones to addiction or knew of someone whose life had been directly impacted by the disease.


Our board and advisory board members span the professional landscape: from medical and legal professionals, to educators and emergency responders, to social service workers. Members also consist of those in recovery from addiction, as well as family members who have been affected by a loved one’s addiction. Many of Lenawee FAN’s members are also working in, or interacting with, the field of substance use disorder.


Part of the education effort of FAN is offering a clear picture concerning the realities of addiction, while being data-driven and community-focused. This not only includes communicating what works to reduce substance abuse and build recovery supports, but also understanding and considering what has not worked in the past and why it failed. FAN seeks to offer alternatives to the criminal justice approach that labels individuals struggling with addiction as criminals. These alternatives build a network of support that helps to avoid stigmatizing outcomes.

Through FAN, we’re able to implement harm reduction strategies that have been shown to save lives and drive engagement with those battling addiction. We want to offer a network of support for families, so they have somewhere to turn to when seeking resources to help their loved ones. With these goals in mind, our mission is to begin healing the community, become allies with our community partners in an effort to work toward better solutions, and offer hope to the individuals, families, friends, and community facing the adversity of addiction. 



Lenawee FAN Survey

Which FAN programs would you like to see implemented in Lenawee County? And what areas do you think the chapter should focus on? Please take our survey at THIS LINK.


4th Tuesday of the Month

7:00 pm

Adrian District Library

143 E. Maumee St.

Adrian, MI 49221





Judge Schaedler began her career as an assistant prosecutor. As a Judge, she was given the opportunity to preside over the Lenawee County Sobriety Court, becoming educated in the disease of addiction. It has become clear to Judge Schaedler that alternatives to incarceration must be found, funded, and utilized if we are to make any advancement in addiction treatment and recovery.



Vice President

Sandy has been a social worker in Lenawee County for over 30 years. She is the Director of Counseling at Siena Heights University, where she provides counseling to students and teaches in the clinical mental health master's program. In addition to her role at the university, Sandy works contingently at Promedica Health Systems as a social worker through various units in Lenawee and Monroe counties, including care navigation, the emergency department, and inpatient behavioral health. Through her work with patients and families, she's seen the barriers people experience when trying to access treatment for mental health and substance use. Walking a friend into the funeral home to view their son for the first time following his heroin overdose was Sandy's catalyst for wanting to work toward change, so families never have to experience such a trauma. She is grateful to join the FAN board to assist in helping individuals and their families find the support they need, and to improve the services available.

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Lacey is a recent graduate of Siena Heights University with a double major in public safety administration and healthcare management. She really values kindness and seeks to impact others positively and spread goodwill to everyone she associates with. Lacey is excited to begin a career where her actions support and encourage positive healthcare values. She envisions being part of a positive change that improves healthcare costs, accessibility, and experiences, in addition to giving power and a voice to individuals within vulnerable populations. Drawn to Lenawee's FAN chapter because she values the opportunity to give back to a community that has supported her in so many ways, Lacey wants to be a part of something that makes a positive difference for those in need.




Kellie is a registered nurse specializing in women's health and has over 15 years of experience in acute healthcare. In 2008, her life and career changed trajectory after the devastating death of her little sister from an accidental opiate overdose. Since the loss of her sister, Kellie has dedicated her life and career to building individual and family supports for anyone facing the devastating effects of substance abuse. She has a decade of experience in developing and implementing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs for substance use disorder (SUD) in Lenawee County. Additionally, Kellie has a comprehensive background in the procurement and facilitation of state- and federal-grant-funded initiatives to build local SUD treatment, prevention, and recovery programming, and is the program manager for Pathways Recovery Engagement Center in Adrian. A grant-funded, peer-run, peer-driven recovery program of Lenawee Community Mental Health Authority, Pathways provides a warm, welcoming environment in which adults with substance use and co-occurring needs can obtain support, advocacy, recovery planning, and referrals to community resources. Kellie also serves on the executive leadership team for the Lenawee Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (LSAPC), which builds treatment and recovery supports in Lenawee County through collaborative planning, program development, community development, and public education.


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Ben is a person in long-term recovery with more than seven years of sobriety. He is also a certified recovery coach, employed with Pathways Recovery Engagement Center in Adrian. Pathways is a free community resource that offers recovery support to adults dealing with addiction. They also connect individuals with other community resources and treatment related to substance abuse, mental health, and homelessness. Ben has an active role in the recovery community, facilitating SMART Recovery meetings and advocating for people battling active addiction. He has lost many friends to overdose deaths over the years and personally wants to help raise awareness through education and prevention with FAN.

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Danielle is an LMSW who received her Master's in social work in 2005 and has been actively working in the field since 1996. She is presently a mother, wife, caregiver to her two parents, and an emergency room social worker. Her current work includes supporting people during acute situations, providing resources, encouraging change, and meeting people where they are to impact future choices. Previously, Danielle worked as a hospice medical social worker, case manager for people with developmental disabilities and mental health disorders, director of disability supports at a local college, and advocate for survivors of domestic violence. She has a strong passion for helping her community by providing education and support for people with substance use disorders and their families. Danielle also currently sits on the Lenawee Humane Society board.




Jill graduated from Eastern Michigan University with her B.S. in social work. Employed by the Catherine Cobb Safe House for survivors of domestic abuse for over 22 years, she currently serves as its executive director. Jill is passionate about advocating for domestic and sexual violence survivors, and ensuring that their voices are represented in the community. She became a FAN board member in hopes of being better able to spread awareness of substance use and its impact on families, as well as to bring resources to, and make connections for, survivors in Lenawee County.

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Karol “K.Z.” Bolton is a 21-year veteran of the Lenawee County Board of Commissioners. She has worked with many law enforcement agencies in Lenawee County, including the sheriff’s department and Michigan State Police. K.Z. is also on the board of many human services organizations. These include: MI Works SE (as chair of the Consortium Board);  JLH Community Action Agency (as chair); Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT); Maurice Spear Campus; DHHS; Lenawee Medical Care Facility; Department on Aging; Lenawee County Education Foundation; Lenawee Parks & Recreation Commission; Lenawee County Planning Commission; River Raisin Watershed Council; and others. She is a strong advocate for District 5 and Lenawee County.

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Nic has been in public safety for over 20 years and serves as the Madison Township Fire Chief. A graduate of Siena Heights University, he has lived in Lenawee County his entire life. Having grown up and worked in the area, Nic sees the impact of the drug epidemic and the need for additional support for those affected. He is excited to be a part of FAN and its mission.




Tim is currently employed by the Lenawee Intermediate School District (ISD) as the director of the Cradle to Career Partnership. He also acts as the ISD’s social and emotional learning coordinator. Before retiring in 2019, Tim served 11 years as director of the Lenawee and Monroe County Offices of the Department of Health and Human Services. Prior to that, he spent 20 years working in the child welfare system, serving in various positions ranging from Children’s Protective Services worker to Children Services program manager. Tim serves as the chairperson for the Lenawee Substance Abuse Coalition Prevention and Education Subcommittee and is a member of the Lenawee County Mental Health Board of Directors.


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