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The Ionia-Montcalm FAN chapter was founded by Judge Suzanne H. Kreeger and Kathy J. Kurtze.  The two friends were concerned about the problems of drug abuse in our communities. Judge Kreeger saw the effects of drug abuse every day in her job; Ms. Kurtze and her family had struggled with the effects of a family member with an opiate addiction. As a result, they met and were guided by Phil Pavona of the Okemos-Ingham County chapter of FAN. They saw the work being done in Lansing, and wanted that opportunity for their communities. It is their hope that, with the help of many other volunteers, the challenges of addiction will be understood and its grasp on our communities will be removed.

The FAN mission and vision is to raise awareness of the prescription opiate drug abuse epidemic, to reduce the stigma and change the face of addiction, to educate about the dangers of prescription and illegal narcotic use, and to support those affected by drug abuse and addiction. Our goal is to encompass change in the perception and treatment of addiction and to be an advocate for change throughout society. Through Real People Sharing Real Stories and factual data, we reduce the stigma attached to addiction and create an open forum for families and professionals to receive valuable insight. We educate to raise awareness and save lives by partnering with insurance companies, medical professionals, legislators, the legal community, public safety, schools, families and friends, facilitating change in the way addiction is viewed and treated. Making a difference one step and one life at a time.

In Ionia and Montcalm counties, the "not my car, not my house, not my kid, not my problem" belief/philosophy is killing our families and communities. These are our husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters.


1st Thursday of the month



January, March, May, July, September & November meetings held at:

Soaring Above Ionia Teen Center

410 W. Main St.

Ionia, MI 48846


February, April, June, August, October & December meetings held at:

First Congregational Church
126 E Cass St.
Greenville, MI 48838

Corner of Cass and Clay Streets

Downtown Greenville

All are welcome to attend
(Children 10 and older please)



Hon. Suzanne Hoseth Kreeger
Term Exp 12/20

Suzanne Kreeger was elected to the 8th Circuit Court serving Montcalm and Ionia Counties in 2008. Within months after taking the bench, it was evident that drugs, in particular heroin, were driving much of the criminal activity coming before the court. To help combat the problem, she, along with many community stakeholders, established the 8th Circuit Adult Drug Treatment Court in 2015. In her work with the Drug Court, Suzanne recognized a need to provide support for families of people struggling with addiction, and to educate and engage our community in an effort to prevent others from experiencing addiction. She sees Families Against Narcotics as a perfect fit and partner for the community.  Suzanne is excited about coming together as a community to save lives and make a positive difference. 

Charles Powers
Vice President
Term Exp 12/20

Charles works in the customer service department of an aluminum extrusion equipment manufacturer. He and his wife lost their 22 year-old-son, Michael, to addiction in 2009. He leads a Grief Share program at his church where he's also held the position of chairman of the building and grounds committee and chairman of the leadership board. Prior to being approached about becoming involved with FAN, Charles had been working on an idea for a drug prevention program. He brings his personal understanding of the struggles and despair families affected by addiction endure to the Ionia-Montcalm FAN chapter.

John Kroneck
Term Exp 12/20

John has served his community in the role of substance use disorder prevention since 1985.  His experience has covered intensive classroom presentations, training community volunteers, strategic planning, and developing/supporting community coalitions. He has also been involved in establishing the Montcalm County Recovery and Integrated Systems of Care Coalition (RISC), as well as the Montcalm Alano Club (MAC).
In addition, John serves on the Michigan Prevention Association board and the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals - Prevention Committee.  In November of 2012, John was named the Michigan Prevention Association's Preventionist of the Year. John's training includes two master's degrees from Central Michigan University. The first is in public health education, with an emphasis in patient education and substance abuse prevention; the second is in counseling and personal development. 

Ann Tyson
Term Exp 12/20

Ann is an accounts payable specialist for Hope Network in Grand Rapids. A lifelong resident of Ionia County, she and her husband of 33 years have been in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions for over 27 years. Their two adult children also battle addiction, working on their sobriety daily for the past 15 years. Ann became involved with Ionia-Montcalm FAN at its inception. A CCAR recovery coach, her goal is to reach out and assist those seeking recovery from their addictions, and to help them obtain resources to achieve a healthy lifestyle, so they can become active members in their communities.


Kathy J. Kurtze

Kathy is a high school English teacher for the Carson City-Crystal Area Schools and a co-director of the Chippewa River Writing Project at Central Michigan University. She and her husband enjoy life in the country, where they raised their three children. They never imagined a future where they would be affected by addiction. As they struggled with a family member's drug addiction, they learned that they were not alone. Everyone, it seemed, knew someone in their shoes. The FAN credo "no family should have to go through this alone" motivates Kathy's involvement in the Ionia-Montcalm FAN chapter. So, too, does the successes she has seen that continue to give her hope.

Tammy Curtis

Tammy Curtis is a provider network specialist at Montcalm Care Network. She is a volunteer, with her therapy dog  Asia, at rehabilitation centers. Her hope is for us to be able to bring comfort to children who are victims of crime. Tammy loves spending time with her husband, three children, and grandchildren. After being raised in a home filled with addiction, she never imagined that once she was able to escape from it she would be struggling with addiction with her own family. She started coming to Ionia-Montcalm FAN meetings and soon realized that she couldn’t save her child from their addiction. She had felt alone and that somehow she did something wrong as a parent. She discovered a wealth of support with FAN, and knew she could help other families. She sees success stories and she sees stories that end with losing of a loved one to drug addiction. Being part of I/M FAN has changed her way of thinking and the way she reacts to addiction. Tammy believes it will take a community coming together and education to help stop the stigma of addiction.

Ken Baker

Ken Baker is the co-founder and director of Soaring Above Ionia Teen Center. Growing up in a house where his mother and her many boyfriends struggled with addiction to alcohol and drugs, causing unthinkable neglect and abuse for him and his sister, made him passionate about this fight against drug addiction. Ken and his wife fight every day to get the kids of Ionia off the streets and away from drugs. What drew Ken to Ionia-Montcalm FAN is the empathy and passion the organization has, not only to help the addicted make it through their fight be drug-free, but also to work toward getting the drugs off the streets.  

Jason Williamson

Jason is from Greenville and has been in recovery for over a year. He and his wife, Jessica, have a stepson, Caleb.  Jason was addicted to opiates and heroin for many years. He is currently a participant in the local 8th Circuit Adult Treatment Drug Court. Gratefully, he has turned his life around and is happier than ever. "Sobriety is the key to life," Jason says. By sharing his experiences, strength, and hope, he can guide, mentor, and teach others the right path in life to achieve recovery. Showing people there is a life beyond addiction and the early recovery process is a strength he can offer.


Dana Beech
School Social Worker, Ionia County Intermediate School District

Cara Byrne
Administrative Assistant, Straight Street Recovery

Rick Devers

Amanda Estill
Prevention and Outreach, Montcalm Care Network

Mike Helmer
Recovery Coach

Trooper Roger Hunt
Michigan State Police

Andrea Tabor
Chair Substance Abuse Advisory Council, Mid Michigan District Health Department

Debora Kenyon 
Ionia Families Anonymous Co-Chair

Chris Kenyon
Ionia Families Anonymous Co-Chair


Robert Lathers, LMSW, CEO
The Right Door for Hope, Recovery & Wellness


Kate Long
Montcalm Care Network Physician Assistant

Phil Millerov
Montcalm Care Network

Kristina Richmond
Recovery Coach

Dr. Linda Satterlee
Family Practitioner

Dr. Beverly Shepard
Psychologist, Addiction Specialist

Glen Tyson
Recovery Coach

Patricia Wentworth
Drug Court Graduate, Recovering

Warren Wentworth
Family Support

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