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2018 Family Forum Schedule


January 22nd
2018 forum schedule- break out session for forum questions

February 26th 
G. Dagner, J. Lowe, A. Branscombe, J. Barron, D. Faverman, P. Randels
Recovery Panel

March 26th

Dr. John Baker—Addiction Psychiatry Physician series
Ask the Doc

April 23th 
Judges D. Allen and A. Larkin and probation specialists J. Besonen and A. Eisler,     Attorney C. Lawler.
Drug and Sobriety Specialty courts—(Differences, how to enter/navigate, successes) Felony expungement

May 28th
Dr. C Poland, President Mi. Chapter of American Society of Addiction Medicine  
A.S.A.M.—who they are, what they do, what’s happening in Mi.

June 25th
FAN Fellowship Cook out—and Narcan training with K. Reddington, Project VOX

July 23rd

Dr. P. Karna Neonatologist Sparrow Hospital
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) (infants born to addicted mothers)

August 27th

Andy Schor---Mayor of Lansing                                                                                                 The Schor administrations take on the epidemic (where we are at, where we need to go)

Sept 24th

Sean Corbin Cognitive Consultants, L. Melaragni.

Dealing with Loss (death, relationships, goals, etc.) and youth counseling for SUD loved ones

Oct 22nd

Break-out session for 2019 forum discussion/creation

Nov 26th

K. Donavon       Hope not Handcuffs

Dec 24th          NO Forum— Santa delivery for Pizza--Glass and Holden House

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