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2nd Tuesday Of The Month
6:30 p.m.

Marlette Regional Hospital 
2770 Main St.
Marlette, MI 48453 

All are welcome to attend.
(Children 10 and older please.)


Jamie Foster

Jamie Foster is the COO/partner of A Chance to Change Drug and Alcohol Testing. Currently CTC has four
locations in Sanilac County, Huron County, Tuscola County, and Livingston County. While I have worked
in the drug and alcohol testing industry for 15 years, my passion is to help those individuals or families
that are suffering with addiction. I am a proud member of the Thumb Regional Sobriety Court Team, a
member of The Tuscola Drug Task Force Prevention Team, a member of The Huron County Recovery
Roundtable, and the Executive Director for The Miss Sanilac County Scholarship Program. I have worked
with all of the schools in Huron and Sanilac County to provide education and prevention to the students
and community
I am a mom of three beautiful daughters, Hanna (22) who runs our Livingston County Office, Alexis (19)
who attends Central Michigan University, and Frankee Rae (2). My family has been dealing with
addiction for the last 10 years between myself and my oldest daughter. One of my biggest struggles on
my journey to live a healthier life and understand my addiction was support without being judged. I
wanted to find a place that I could identify with and not be treated like I was worthless or my child was
worthless. I wanted a place that I could go and not worry about my career being affected. Over the last
5 years I searched for that “perfect fit” for me and in that journey, I learned and utilized Families Against
Narcotics. I also found my voice and I believe in the mission of F.A.N. and want to be a part of the
change. I want to help educate my community, I want to help change the face of addiction, and I want
to reduce the stigma associated with addiction. In my career I see families every day that are searching
for that same thing, support without judgement and about 3 years ago I had a thought, “what if” I could
start a chapter in our area? I participated in a community event with the Marlette police chief Brian
McGInnis back in January of 2017 and it was attended by many concerned community members and
from that point on the decision to launch our own chapter was born.

Pastor Mike Williams
Vice President

Pastor Mike Wilson serves as the vice-president of the Sanilac County F.A.N.  Pastor Mike and his wife Marcia have been married for 34 years, have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Pastor Mike invests himself in the community on a daily basis, besides his church ministry, he directs a Celebrate Recovery group every Tuesday night, serves as the vice-president of the Sanilac County ISD board, the secretary of Sandusky Community Schools board and is a trustee on the Miss Sanilac County Scholarship Pageant board.  Pastor Mike is a certified police chaplain and volunteers with Sandusky Police Department. Pastor Mike got involved with helping start the local F.A.N. Group because after witnessing first hand the destruction addiction brought to his family growing up and seeing its continued growth in our area, he saw the need to change the face of addiction and to give support to those caught up in addiction.

Deborah Sherman
Gary Heberling

Gary is the Sanilac County Commissioner and serving on the DTF commission.  He quickly found that heroin, meth and other hard drugs have become a serious epidemic not only in our county but surrounding counties and across America.  He has seen the destruction these drugs have done to young people's  lives and how it has affected the family structure, when he heard about FAN, he immediately wanted to get involved. The FAN program is one of the best approaches he has seen to help individuals and families. This is not only a way for him to be involved to help save young people from this horrific life, but for him to also look at it as a bit of a ministry to help hurting families and bring our young people back out of a life of dependency on drugs and live a positive & productive life


Louise Blasius
Carol Dorman

Carol has been employed at the Sanilac Intermediate School District for 29 years as Technology
Coordinator.  She has been married to her husband, Scott, for 37 years, and they have two wonderful
children:  Alexa and Bradley.  She is involved with FAN because she has a family member dealing with
addiction along with working with students daily who are affected by this terrible epidemic.

Joe Garcia

Jose (Joe) is an Army Veteran (Iraq), Hospital Social Worker at Marlette Regional Hospital, resident of Snover, Sanilac
County, Married, wife is a teacher at Brown City High School, Daughters attend Sandusky Schools. As a
member of this community he can provided input and support on services needed in addressing the need
for awareness with substance use/treatment.


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