The Sanilac County Families Against Narcotics chapter was formed through the dedication of Jamie Foster and the support of Marlette Chief of Police Brian McGinnis. Jamie began discussions and inquiries about the possibility of a FAN chapter as far back as the fall of 2015.  Over the next several months, she recruited several individuals, including Chief McGinnis, and their ongoing pursuit came to fruition in October of 2017. Jamie has experienced the plight of addiction both professionally and personally. She not only understands the gift of sobriety, but understands the hardships of navigating a very hard and difficult system in attempts to gain and maintain supportive services.

Chief McGinnis and Jamie both saw a very positive step for their community via the implementation of a community FAN chapter. The FAN mission and vision of raising the awareness of the prescription opiate drug abuse epidemic, reducing the stigma and changing the face of addiction, educating about the dangers of prescription and illegal narcotic use, and, in general, supporting those (and their loved ones) affected by drug abuse and addiction, became the template for their objective of helping their community. Their goals fit well with the FAN goals, and as such they strive to achieve these goals: to encompass change in the perception and treatment of addiction and to be an advocate for change throughout society; through Real People Sharing Real Stories and factual data, we reduce the stigma attached to addiction and create an open forum for families and professionals to receive valuable insight; we educate to raise awareness and save lives by partnering with insurance companies, medical professionals, legislators, the legal community, public safety, schools, families and friends, facilitating change in the way addiction is viewed and treated; and making a difference one step and one life at a time.

Please join us while we--through the use of guest speakers and personal stories--aim to raise awareness and provide education. You are all invited to our monthly forum as we work collaboratively in offering a supportive network for those affected by addiction.   



2nd Tuesday of the month
6:30 pm

Marlette Regional Hospital 
2770 Main St.
Marlette, MI 48453 

All are welcome to attend.
(Children 10 and older please.)

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