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Two moms, who wanted to make a difference in their community after losing a son and stepson to an accidental heroin overdose, were the driving force behind the formation of the Oakland/Livingston Communities chapter of Families Against Narcotics (FAN) in the South Lyon area.


This FAN statement resonated with both of them: "Today's drug addiction respects no geographic, ethnic, economic, or social boundaries. No neighborhood is immune. By joining together, we can have a larger voice and a greater chance to make a difference." Even in the midst of all the feelings of desperation that go along with the disease of addiction, that statement appealed to the women's hopefulness for the first time in months.

Sadly, the day they read it was the day before Daniel died. But they decided to go forward with a plan to make a Families Against Narcotics (FAN) chapter a reality in their community. They realized the need for open dialogue about how the drug addiction health crisis is impacting entire communities. Their hope was that by reaching out to the entire community, and by helping raise awareness, that perhaps even one family could be spared the devastating heartache of losing a child or loved one to this disease.

In line with the FAN philosophy, by joining together and partnering with the entire community they hope to help and support other families going through this very same life-altering situation; and to help provide a safe place and create an atmosphere in which everyone could come together to ask questions, share information, find resources, and to help reduce the stigma associated with drug abuse and addiction, through education and prevention. Hopefully, before another life is lost to this disease.



3rd Thursday of the Month
6:30-8:30 pm
New Hudson United Methodist Church

56730 Grand River
New Hudson, MI 48165

All are welcome to attend.
(Children 10 and older please.)



Jennifer Champagne
Term Exp 12/20
Chris Faught
Term Exp 12/20
Vice President

Sgt. Chris Faught – South Lyon Police Dept. Director position.  Sgt. Faught has been a founding member of Southwest Oakland/Livingston FAN since 2014. Chris became involved immediately after attending the call to the public meeting in February of 2014. He held an advisory position until 2016, then became a director. He has been the driving force behind getting permission from the South Lyon Police Department to implement the Hope Not Handcuffs program in the South Lyon area.  

Judy Henson
Term Exp 12/20

Judy became involved with FAN in 2016 after watching several of her family members battle with addiction and recovery, and floundering with understanding and coping. She is passionate about educating the community about addiction and destigmatizing the disease. It is her desire to provide hope and support for long-term recovery, not only to the person struggling with addiction, but to their families and friends as well.



Dave Campbell
Term Exp 12/18

Dave Campbell has been an advisory member since 2016. In December of 2017, he was elected to a Director position. He is an active community advocate for Families Against Nartcotics and is a probation officer for the 52-1 District Court.

Ann Birchmeier
Term Exp 12/19

Ann has been a member of the Southwest Oakland/Livingston FAN chapter since 2015. She has always been an active community member, and hopes to reach as many families as possible with the FAN message. Ann is an intuitive life coach and numerologist, with a mission to help people to a place of love, understanding, acceptance, and peace. Through coaching, she hopes to help people see how priceless they can be when they determine their own worth.  She is also the director of children’s ministries for the Brighton First United Methodist Church.

Peggy Stone
Term Exp 12/19

Peggy’s journey began 13 years ago when her son, Bronson, started abusing substances when he was only 14 years old. As her family struggled with Bronson’s addiction, they found that their other son, Marc, had become addicted to prescription narcotics after having surgery. They were so uneducated in this area and struggled finding resources to help their children. They lost Marc on July 4, 2012, from a prescription drug overdose. Peggy’s mission is to become an instrumental part of helping to educate future generations, so families know where to go for help and students know the dangers of drugs. By becoming involved with FAN in her own community, she is  committing to become a part of the solution. Peggy is currently pursuing a degree in human services, so she can work in addiction and recovery. 

Pam Blair
Term Exp 12/19

Pam became a member of FAN after the opiate overdose death of her 23-year-old son Justin on August 7, 2017. She joined the FAN board as a director in December of 2017, with a passion for the Hope Not Handcuffs program. Pam serves as the Angel coordinator and trainer for Southwest Oakland and Livingston Counties. She also regularly volunteers at in the admissions department at Brighton Center for Recovery, easing the admissions process for patients and their families. Pam retired from a 28-year career as a feline-exclusive veterinarian in September of 2017 to further focus on advocacy for those with substance use disorders. In addition to her doctor of veterinary medicine degree (earned in 1989), Pam also has a bachelor's of science degree in medical technology. She worked in human medicine as a microbiologist and lab generalist for 8 years prior to her admission to Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.


David Grant
DEA Supervisory Special Agent


Melissa Baker
Assistant Superintendent of South Lyon Community Schools (SLCS)


Cathy Weir
Community Advocate 

Gary Weir
Business Owner and Community Advocate 

Denise Barney, LMSW
Clinical Outpatient Manager for Meridian Health Services.

Kari Sims
Community Advocate 

David Law
Judge, Oakland County (52-1)

Paula Pisaneschi
Business owner and Community Advocate 

Bob Sielaff
Pastor, New Hudson United Methodist Church

Justin Cole

Samantha Barney
Student and Community Advocate

Tom Stone
Community Advocate and Parent 

Peter Albertins

Midge O'Neil
Recovery Coach

Katlyn McGill
Community Advocate 

Scott Kempa
Community Advocate 

Don Mason

Community Advocate


Mike Romanowski

Director of Clear Path Sober Living & Recovery


Mark Venus

Lieutenant Oakland County Sheriff Substation – Lyon Twp.


Rachel Smits

Community Advocate 

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