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There are two different processes through which an individual would seek substance use disorder treatment, depending on whether or not they have health insurance.

Health Insurance

If an individual has health insurance, contact the insurance provider to obtain information on substance use disorder treatment benefits.


  • Call the "Customer Service" number on the back of the insurance card. There may be a specific number for Behavioral Health or Substance Abuse services.

  • Ask what specific services are covered as well as deductibles and co-pays.

  • Request a referral to in-network providers and ask if they can call the provider directly or if prior authorization from the insurance company is required.

Publically Funded Assistance

If an individual has Medicaid or does not have health insurance and meets certain income guidelines, they may qualify for services through the county in which they reside.


  • Contact the Access Center for substance use disorder treatment in their county.
    Click here for an AMS Directory in Michigan.

  • Upon contacting the appropriate Access Center, the individual would complete a screening over the phone to determine eligibility and what type of substance use disorder services would best meet their needs.

  • From there, a referral to services will be made. If the client does not qualify for services through the county, they should be provided with numbers to treatment agencies that offer self-pay for services

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