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Washtenaw FAN Meeting Recaps

Last month’s meeting on Collegiate Recovery Programs/College Recovery Communities was remarkable in many ways.  First, programs like these are a part of the solution to a national problem of substance use disorder.  Secondly, the young, bright, talented individuals on our panel — Alexander Stubbs, Amber Horwitz, David Seaman, Rhiannon Houghteling, and Sara Tischbein — are busting the stigma of addiction with their resilience, strength and knowledge. And, finally, these brave people sharing their stories are an inspiration to everyone.  A very special thank you to them and to Teresa Herzog, CRP coordinator at Washtenaw Community College, and Dawn Kepler, coordinator for the Michigan State University CRC, for tirelessly organizing the panel and their continued support to the community.  Please take the time to watch the recording below.

America’s Other Epidemic: A New Approach to Fighting the Opioid Crisis

September Family Forum

America’s Other Epidemic: A New Approach to Fighting the Opioid Crisis

September Family Forum

A powerhouse at age 28, Nikki King has become one of the leading voices on the opioid crisis in rural America—where, some 20 years into the epidemic, treatment options remain scarce even as overdose deaths continue to climb.

Nikki King is the Manager of the Behavioral Health and Addictions Services at a rural Critical Access Hospital. During that time, she's been a part of a team that has doubled the number of providers and dramatically increased services across four locations in this "extreme shortage area."

Join Nikki as she shares her fascinating story of how she worked tirelessly to provide better access for people in need in her community.

The Brain Science Behind Addiction and How Yoga Can Aid In Recovery

August Family Forum

Ele's Place: Tour of The Heart

July Family Forum

Thank you to Peggy E. Galimberti, LMSW, ACSW and Nancy Biehn, from Ele’s Place Ann Arbor who donated their time and expertise to teach us how important it is to recognize grief in children, teens, young adults and their families.  Although Washtneaw FAN’s mission is to help reduce the overdose deaths in our community, it is a reality our families are faced with in increasing numbers, especially during the COVID pandemic.  


In their powerful presentation for our July Family Forum, Peggy and Nancy shared tips on how to provide support for a grieving person, particularly youth.

Breaking the Addiction Cycle

June Family Forum

Getting our loved ones help with addiction and mental health issues is critical. However, we don't always know how and when to talk or what to say. 

Pam Feinberg-Rivkin, RB, and Founder and CEO of Feinberg Consulting and Steve Feldman, COO and Trained Interventionist, discuss how to approach loved ones who are struggling with substance use and/or mental health.

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