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December Family Forum

I'm Still A Person: Addressing Stigma Around Substance Misuse

What we learned from Dr. Begun's presentation is that people want to get the words right, and want to say the right thing when talking with people in recovery.  With this in mind, Washtenaw FAN will be collaborating with Dr. Begun on a brief publication titled Substance Misuse: Words That Help. Words That Hurt. We will provide an update as soon as it is available!
Dr. Begun's presentation has also inspired us to develop a future Family Forum of a panel of people in recovery sharing their stories of how stigma has impacted their recovery. 
We would also like to thank Larrissa Miller of the Michigan Nurses Association for working with us in offering Continuing Education Credits for attending our December Forum on stigma. 


January Family Forum

I'm Still A Person: Addressing Stigma Around Substance Misuse

A heartfelt thank you to Antwan Brown for his inspirational talk for our February Family Forum.  

During the presentation, Antwan shares his personal story of adversity growing up in Youngstown, Ohio - an area plagued by drugs, violence, and seemingly insurmountable challenges. 

He asks: “How do you get ahead when you’re starting from behind?”

Antwan shares how despite these challenges, he was able to emerge from his experiences with prosperity and purpose - and how others in similar situations can do the same. 


November Family Forum

Hitting the Wall: How Sustained Crises Present Opportunities for Personal Transformation

Our November Family Forum , Hitting the Wall:  How Sustained Crisis Present Opportunities for Personal Transformation offered very powerful and informative tools for everyone, not just those in recovery.  A heartfelt Washtenaw FAN thank you goes out to our highly qualified guest speaker, Dr Chantelle Thomas, PhD, Executive Clinical Director of The Manor, a family owned addiction rehabilitation center in Wisconsin.  If you missed the Live November Family Forum, click here to view:


Dr. Thomas explains, that when we’re faced with discomfort, fear and uncertainty … that is an opportunity for growth.  “That is where the real healing begins.”  This goes for everyone feeling stress, not just those in recovery.  She noted that due to the current pandemic, we are all “living the experience of someone in recovery right now, where we have no idea what the future holds … where we can’t see the other side of the mountain.” 


This current landscape presents a profound opportunity to more deeply understand and live inside the struggles of the recovery journey and of those who struggle in general.


She explains in detail the concept and benefits of post-traumatic growth:

1. Look for new opportunities that have now opened up for you 

2.Increase your closeness to others, maybe those that are struggling

3.Notice increased resiliency

4.Notice a greater appreciation for life, in general

5.Notice a possible deepening of your spiritual life 


We encourage you to take 45 minutes to view Dr. Thomas’ discussion, we’re sure you’ll find it helpful in navigating our current landscape. 


October Family Forum

Navigating College While in Addiction Recovery: Critical Program for Peer Recovery  Support

Last month’s meeting on Collegiate Recovery Programs/College Recovery Communities was remarkable in many ways.  First, programs like these are a part of the solution to a national problem of substance use disorder.  Secondly, the young, bright, talented individuals on our panel — Alexander Stubbs, Amber Horwitz, David Seaman, Rhiannon Houghteling, and Sara Tischbein — are busting the stigma of addiction with their resilience, strength and knowledge. And, finally, these brave people sharing their stories are an inspiration to everyone.  A very special thank you to them and to Teresa Herzog, CRP coordinator at Washtenaw Community College, and Dawn Kepler, coordinator for the Michigan State University CRC, for tirelessly organizing the panel and their continued support to the community. 


September Family Forum

America’s Other Epidemic: A New Approach to Fighting the Opioid Crisis

A powerhouse at age 28, Nikki King has become one of the leading voices on the opioid crisis in rural America—where, some 20 years into the epidemic, treatment options remain scarce even as overdose deaths continue to climb.

Nikki King is the Manager of the Behavioral Health and Addictions Services at a rural Critical Access Hospital. During that time, she's been a part of a team that has doubled the number of providers and dramatically increased services across four locations in this "extreme shortage area."

Join Nikki as she shares her fascinating story of how she worked tirelessly to provide better access for people in need in her community.


The Brain Science Behind Addiction and How Yoga Can Aid In Recovery

August Family Forum


July Family Forum

Ele's Place: Tour of The Heart

Thank you to Peggy E. Galimberti, LMSW, ACSW and Nancy Biehn, from Ele’s Place Ann Arbor who donated their time and expertise to teach us how important it is to recognize grief in children, teens, young adults and their families.  Although Washtneaw FAN’s mission is to help reduce the overdose deaths in our community, it is a reality our families are faced with in increasing numbers, especially during the COVID pandemic.  

In their powerful presentation for our July Family Forum, Peggy and Nancy shared tips on how to provide support for a grieving person, particularly youth.


June Family Forum

Breaking the Addiction Cycle

Getting our loved ones help with addiction and mental health issues is critical. However, we don't always know how and when to talk or what to say. 

Pam Feinberg-Rivkin, RB, and Founder and CEO of Feinberg Consulting and Steve Feldman, COO and Trained Interventionist, discuss how to approach loved ones who are struggling with substance use and/or mental health.


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