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Connections to Hope
Since February 1, 2017


*Number of times recovery resources were provided to individuals since February 1, 2017

For someone new to or seeking recovery, the journey ahead of them can be challenging and intimidating. That's why FAN provides trained and certified Peer Recovery Coaches--to connect with participants and serve as a human GPS, guiding people along the way as they travel the road toward a new life of sobriety.



This year, HARM:LESS partnered with the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and formed Macomb Street Medicine. Now an underserved population will receive the full medical care they deserve. Harm reduction isn’t syringes, enabling drug use, and unsafe neighborhoods; it's positive change, saving lives, and--most importantly--unconditional love.



Kristin and Christina tell their stories, about how their loved ones struggled and how FAN's Stronger Together program helped them to not only help themselves, but also help others.


I’m Still a Person: The Stigma of Substance Use & the Power of Respect
by Dr. Audrey Begun (MSW, PH.D.), is an interactive workbook created to help give people the knowledge required to address substance use-related stigma within themselves, their families, and their communities. This book examines the importance of the language we use when talking about substance use disorder and offers activities that will help spark changes in the way people think about the disease. It will also inspire us to be agents of change in environments where individuals and families may experience stigma.



We live in a connected society where people are not afraid to share their negative opinions freely on any subject they see fit.

This is no different with the stigma of addiction. These are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, siblings, and friends who deserve a beautiful life like anyone. Please help us erase the stigma of addiction!

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