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Oakland County Families Against Narcotics (FAN) was founded in April of 2022. This organization is based on everyday people coming together to serve a purpose. Our purpose is to educate families, school members, workforce representatives, public safety associates, court officials, and healthcare professionals about the misuse of drugs and prescription pain medication within our communities.


Oakland County FAN will meet monthly to provide resources, education, and support to those affected by addiction. The meetings will alternate between two different locations: north end meetings will be held in at Greater Center of Hope Church, and south end meetings will be held at the Southfield Pavilion. Our meetings will be open to those in recovery, citizens, public safety members, court officials, healthcare professionals, city leaders, education professionals, and business partners.

Our goal is to educate and work to change the stigma of addiction. Stigma is defined as a mark of disgrace, and we here at the Oakland County FAN chapter would like to change that to appreciation. Appreciation is the state of being appreciative that has been learned through an experience. We will come to appreciate the struggles that families encounter and the courage and support it takes for each person to change. Growth will come with a complete understanding of a situation.


4th Tuesday of the Month

7:00 pm

Henry Ford Maplegrove Center

6773 W. Maple Rd.

West Bloomfield, MI 48322

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President Term Exp. 12/24

Bio coming soon.

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Vice President  Term Exp. 12/24

Jayme promises to deliver the best results to FAN by advocating, supporting, and sharing FAN’s mission to the community. She is very excited and honored to serve as the vice president of the Oakland County FAN board. Jayme's strong professional network, along with her educational qualifications and relevant work experience of 22 years combined in business development/marketing, will play a significant role in event planning and fundraising. Prior to a now eight-year tenure in behavioral health and substance use, Jayme’s introduction to healthcare came as an account representative for a leading dental supply company. From there, she held account management roles with a large medical supplier and a nationwide hospice company. Formerly the Director of Business Development for Harbor Oaks Hospital, Jayme has worked for Acadia Healthcare--the largest behavioral health organization in the country--since 2013. She currently serves as a Treatment Placement Specialist with Acadia Corporate. Jayme's unique role allows to her to follow her passion and help people start their journey to a life in recovery. Outside of work, Jayme is an avid animal lover. Her main sidekicks are her dogs, Sheldon and Scully. Jayme and her husband own a hobby farm filled with chickens and turkeys, as well as rescued animals, such as donkeys, cows, and rabbits.

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Secretary Term Exp. 12/24

Sarah is a Senior United States Probation Officer out of the Eastern District of Michigan. She has been working in law enforcement for more than 15 years and currently specializes in the supervision of individuals suffering from mental illness or co-occurring disorders. Sarah has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and an undergraduate degree in criminal justice. Passionate about helping returning citizens reintegrate back into society, Sarah is excited for the opportunity to work with FAN and looks forward to the many resources the organization can bring to Oakland County. 

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Treasurer Term Exp. 12/24

Gwendolyn Bammel entered the social work field in 2000 with a passion for helping others find recovery and a sense of meaningful connection with themselves and others. She developed her skills in CBT and DBT and then went on to focus on the underlying trauma behind addiction and co-occurring disorders. As a Certified Trauma Specialist with an inner child and EMDR based approach, Gwendolyn has helped numerous clients find resolution to the issues that fueled their continued addiction, thereby helping them find wellness in their lives. Having worked with adults and adolescents and voluntary and court-ordered clients, she joined the Eastwood Clinics' team in 2009. Gwendolyn has worked in all levels of care, providing outpatient, intensive outpatient, and residential services, as well as Supervision. She is currently the Clinical Supervisor at Ascension Eastwood Recovery Center, a residential program for indigent men seeking recovery, where the majority of clients have co-occurring disorders, underlying abuse/neglect/trauma issues, unstable housing, unstable work history, criminal backgrounds, and limited resources. Ascension Eastwood Recovery Center provides holistic treatment that helps clients find a path to healing each area of their lives.




Director  Term Exp. 12/24

Bio coming soon.



Director  Term Exp. 12/24

Bio coming soon.



Director  Term Exp. 12/24

Bio coming soon.



Director Term Exp. 12/24

Bio coming soon.



Director Term Exp. 12/24

Billy Chalmers manages the construction, leasing, and property of the 819 Established Sober Living Apartments. He also manages the real estate at North Greenfield Office Park in Southfield (the landlord to Eastwood Recovery Clinic) and manages one of Dawn Farm’s long-term transition housing facilities in Ypsilanti. When he is not managing recovery-oriented real estate, Billy works full-time as Real Estate Manager for Cartessa Real Estate Company, which is a full-service company that invests, develops, leases, manages, and consults on real estate. Specializing in leasing and tenant relations, Billy manages the real estate of many apartment buildings and office parks across southeastern Michigan. He is also a member of Oakland University’s “Grizz Recovery” program and has spoken at various treatment facilities--including Eastwood Recovery Clinic, Dawn Farm Residential, and Henry Ford Maplegrove center--about his experience, strength, and hope as a person in long-term recovery. Billy is also pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Studies from Oakland University part-time. He is grateful to be a board member of FAN.



Director Term Exp. 12/24

Bio coming soon.



Director Term Exp. 12/24

Bio coming soon.



Director Term Exp. 12/24

Jacqueline Raxter has a Master's Degree in Guidance and Counseling with certification in Gerontology and licensure as a Practical Counselor and a Social Worker. A Wayne State University grad, she has more than 35 years of experience in the nonprofit arena providing mental health services to individuals with mental health disorders and developmental and intellectual disabilities. Jacqueline currently serves as the Behavioral Health Program Manager for the Chaldean Community Foundation, where she oversees the licensed therapist staff and the DD/ID services and programming. In addition, Jacqueline serves on the boards for Residential Care Alternatives and MCCFAD (MI Center for Contextual Factors in Alzheimer's Disease) and acts as a Macomb Great Start Collaborative member. She is a lifelong resident of Warren, Michigan, and the mother of five children.

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Director Term Exp. 12/24

Eric Schmidt is the Chief of Field Operations for Oakland County Community Corrections, where he has worked for more than 25 years. His duties include overseeing various programs within the organization that utilize evidence-based practices for both pre- and post-adjudication. Oakland County Community Corrections has the largest non-federal Pretrial Services agency in Michigan, a large Pretrial Supervision Unit, Step Forward day reporting center, and a weekend work program. The recipient of an undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and a graduate degree from Central Michigan University, Eric has completed leadership training through Leadership Oakland XVII. He is the Midwest Regional Director for the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA), serves on the NAPSA Education Committee, and is a NAPSA Certified Pretrial Professional. 



Director Term Exp. 12/24

Jaafar Chehab has been a pharmacist in Madison Heights for the past 30 years. He believes in FAN and wants to help combat the opioid crisis. His experience as a pharmacist has fueled his passion to help his community even more and, hopefully, step by step, eradicate the opioid problem.


Josh Nucian

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Adam Lord

Regional Sales Manager, Detroit Forming Inc.

Allison Boggess

Registered Nurse, Common Ground

Jamie Smith

Jaafar Chehab

Registered Pharmacist, Wayne State University

Lisa Boska

Regional Angel Coordinator, Hope Not Handcuffs/Families Against Narcotics

Marie Giannoni

Executive Secretary, Families Against Narcotics

Pam Blair

Family Recovery Coach, Families Against Narcotics

Rabbi Benny Greenwald

Friendship Circle

Sara Tigay

Licensed Professional Counselor & Addiction Specialist

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