The Grand Rapids FAN chapter launched in February of 2017 through the efforts of Dr. Jeanne Kapenga. Several years earlier, she became alarmed by the increasing number of news reports on the opioid crisis and began attending the Okemos/Lansing FAN chapter meetings to learn more. In 2015, she started contacting community leaders and partnering agencies in Grand Rapids and Kent County, inviting them to come to the table and open up the dialogue about this deadly disease ravaging our community. 

The Board and Advisory Board members are working volunteers, passionate about making a difference and committed to providing quality service programming with integrity.

Our monthly Family Forums offer education, resources, and support for those facing the challenges of addiction. We don’t have the answers, but we are creating healthy conversations offering hope, and searching for solutions. For those experiencing the grief of a loved one lost to addiction, we offer comfort; for those facing incarceration, we advocate for the provision of medical treatment of this disease while in the system; and for those needing other supportive resources, we collaborate in the community in creating them. 

We know that all sectors involved must work together in collaboration in finding solutions that will be meaningful. 

There is a sense of urgency with this crisis, termed “the worst man-made epidemic in the history of mankind” by the CDC. We lose more lives nationally each year than we lost in a ten-year period of the Vietnam War. Opioid overdose deaths now surpass preventable deaths of any other cause, including car accidents and guns. Kent County has not been spared, and in 2017-18 was identified as one of the top five worst hit counties in the state. 

Our membership includes those from law enforcement, the judicial system, health professionals, education, community advocates, family members, those in recovery, and those considering recovery. We offer Real Stories from Real People in our ongoing efforts for education, treatment, and support. We strive to erase the stigma of addiction through education, stressing that addiction is a medical disease and not simply a moral failing, so that those needing treatment can receive it without shame or embarrassment.

​We invite you to join us at our monthly Family Forums to learn more.


1st Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00 pm

(Grief Group meets at 6:00 pm

prior to the forum)

St. Mark's Episcopal Church
134 N. Division

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

All are welcome to attend.
(Children 10 and older please.)
Upcoming Forum Topics/Speaker

June: Therapist Sean Corbin


July: FANmily picnic outing



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Jeanne M. Kapenga, MD
Term Exp 12/20

Jeanne is an addictionist and has been a lifelong community advocate. She has seen firsthand the impact of the drug epidemic on the community, as well as on her patients and their families. She started attending the Okemos/Lansing FAN chapter meetings and realized the need for a chapter in Grand Rapids. After reaching out to community leaders and agencies over a 2 year period, the Grand Rapids chapter became a reality in February 2017.  

Judge William Kelly
Vice President
Term Exp 12/20

Judge Wiliam G. Kelly has served in the 62-B District Court (Kentwood, MI) since 1979, following in his father's footsteps.  He has been active at the state and national levels, teaching judges and judicial associations.  He served on the board of directors for the Dispute Resolution Center, the board of trustees for the Grand Rapids Bar Association, and the board of directors for the National Center for State Courts. He has received many prestigious awards for his service.  After attending the University College Dublin and the University of Detroit, Judge Kelly taught math in the Peace Corps in Ghana for two years before returning to U of D Law School.  He began a Sobriety Court in 62-B in early 2015 and has dedicated his efforts in assisting FAN in its endeavors as he has witnessed the damage the opioid epidemic has caused to people struggling with addiction, their family members, and the community. He is a proponent of treatment programs and the proud father of five children.

Arlene Mansfield
Term Exp 12/20

Arlene and her family have enjoyed living in northern Kent County for over 30 years.  Her story is the same as countless families that never imagined dealing with substance abuse, only to find themselves frantically searching for recovery services.  Arlene and her husband made many expensive and harmful decisions searching for help for their son while in crisis mode. She is excited to be part of the FAN Grand Rapids chapter so she can help others in the community understand addiction and find reputable recovery resources.

Donna Mobilia
Term Exp 12/20

As an attorney practicing in the field of family law since 1987, Donna has seen numerous clients having legal involvement due to their addiction issues, as well as the destructive impact addiction has on the family unit and the community.  She has also volunteered professionally in several organizations committed to addressing issues of domestic violence.  She is committed to improving the resources available for those involved in the legal system, and their families, to break the revolving door cycle.


Stephen Baker
Term Exp 12/19

Steve is an assistant United States attorney in Grand Rapids and has been involved in prosecuting federal drug crimes for nearly a decade.  He currently heads the Narcotics Unit in the Western District of Michigan's United States Attorney's Office, and has worked with numerous witnesses and victims in prosecuting criminal activity.  He has experienced first hand the devastation that this epidemic wields through his professional career, as well as having a family member in recovery.

Chris Becker
Term Exp 12/20

Chris has been the Assistant County Prosecutor for Kent County for over twenty years, and has recently been elected county prosecutor.  Having grown up in the area, he sees the impact that this epidemic has had in the region and the need for committed resources and support for those affected by addiction and their loved ones.   He also realizes that the criminal justice system is not fully equipped to deal with all the ramifications of addiction, and that Families Against Narcotics is a contributing advocacy group for the region.

Mike Emery
Term Exp 12/20

Mike is a lifelong Kent County resident who has been employed in financial planning, as well as coaching athletics at a local high school.  Mike's involvement with Families Against Narcotics is personal, having a son in early recovery after a decade of struggling with addiction. He has seen the impact that FAN's service work has had in supporting his family's efforts.

Bob Tafelsky
Term Exp 12/19

Bob and his wife have lived in the Grand Rapids area with their two sons since 1987. On November 14, 2015, their life forever changed when their youngest son Nathan lost his battle with addiction to an accidental heroin overdose at the young age of 25. He was fighting depression and anxiety in high school, but Nathan turned to drugs to self-medicate instead of taking his prescribed medication. At the time, Bob and his wife did not understand Nathan's struggles with addiction, as he kept everything to himself. They now live on through Nathan as advocates to help educate and spread awareness about addiction. It is their mission to educate others who do not understand addiction and the stigma that goes along with it. Together, they are working to make a positive difference in their community.


Amanda Tarantowski
Network 180Contract Administrator


Brandon Hool
Red Project, Person in Long Term Recovery


Bruce Springer, M.D.
Addictionist, Pine Rest Mental Health Services


Cara Poland, M.D

Dan Savage
Community Advocate


Fr. Christian Brocato
Rector, St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Gary Secor
61st District Court Administrator

Judge Donald Allen
Sobriety Court judge, 55th District Court

Norman Palm, M.S., D.D.S.
Michigan Dental Association

Lt. Scott Rifenberg
Grand Rapids Police Department

Molly Reid
Community Advocate and founder of Meghan's A.R.M.Y.


Daniel O'Hara

Kent County Prosecutors Office

Judge Susan Jonas
Sobriety Court judge, 58th District Court

Judge Suzanne Kreeger
Drug Court judge, 8th Circuit Court


Grant Young

Director Alano Club of Grand Rapids

Susan Lovell
Editor/writer, Community Advocate

Joann Hoganson, R.N.
Kent County Health Department

Dr. Michael Shibler
Superintendent of Rockford Public Schools

Detrich Speights
Michigan State Police

Marilyn Spiller
Marketing Director, Sanford House

Lt. Jason Kelley

Kent County Sheriff's Office

Jayne Dykema

Family Law Attorney

Families Against Narcotics
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