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Sunday dinners for sober living homes continues to be an initiative that is supported by Families Against Narcotics.

Since 2011, FAN has been facilitating volunteer-cooked (or purchased) Sunday dinners for residents of sober living homes. This program was originally limited to one sober house in Fraser, but now we're expanding it to include sober homes across the metro area.


If you'd be interested in providing a Sunday dinner for a group of people in recovery, we  would love it. And the residents you feed will love it even more! You don't have to be a gourmet chef, either. Just cook from your heart, like you would for your own family! Or, if you don't cook, feel free to get some good carryout food and donate that. Either way, you'll be making a difference!

Note: The number of residents in a sober living home varies, but it's usually between 6 and 12 people. Also, food should be delivered in disposable containers for ease of clean up.

For more information on donating Sunday dinner to a sober living home, please contact Lisa at She can give you details on what dates/sober living homes are available. 

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