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noun- A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person.


I’m Still a Person: The Stigma of Substance Use & the Power of Respect
by Dr. Audrey Begun (MSW, PH.D.), is an interactive workbook created to help give people the knowledge required to address substance use-related stigma within themselves, their families, and their communities. This book examines the importance of the language we use when talking about substance use disorder and offers activities that will help spark changes in the way people think about the disease. It will also inspire us to be agents of change in environments where individuals and families may experience stigma.

This workbook is being offered to the public free of charge, as a digital download or as a soft cover workbook for a nominal shipping fee. If ordering physical copies—either a single copy or a box of 10, 25, or 100—the books are free; however, there will be a shipping cost added during the checkout process. 

(If you’re interested in ordering more than 100 copies, please call us at 586-438-8500.)

There are two versions of I’m Still a Person: The Stigma of Substance Use & Power of Respect


General Public Education

This version is appropriate for anyone in the community interested in the topic of stigma related to substance use, including individuals and family members, as well as social work and physical or mental/behavioral health care professionals; people working in criminal justice, court, and child welfare systems; and, people involved with recovery support. To order copies of the General Public Education version as a softcover workbook, please proceed to the bottom of this page and choose a quantity. Note, there is a minimal charge for shipping. 


Professional Education

This version of I’m Still a Person: The Stigma of Substance Use & Power of Respect is designed for college and graduate-level coursework, as well as both pre-service and in-service advanced professional education. You can download a free, printable Professional Education e-book here

Note: Printed copies of the Professional Education version are not available at this time. 



Encouragement and input for the I’m Still a Person project comes from many individuals in recovery and their families who contributed ideas, suggestions, and quotes used throughout both the General Public Education and Professional Education versions.

Dr. Audrey Begun is an emeritus professor of social work at The Ohio State University. She has published research, theory, and curricular materials related to substance use and taught about the topic for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate social workers. She previously worked with the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse to create and evaluate social work curriculum about alcohol use and has recently consulted with the Council on Social Work Education on a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration funded project to create and evaluate a social work curriculum about substance use and substance use disorders.

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