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No one wakes up one day and decides to live a life of addiction. Nevertheless, people are becoming addicted every day in neighborhoods across America. Good kids from good families, all with hopes and dreams. None of them ever expected to find themselves in this situation--but it happened.
Many with a substance dependency think they can beat it on their own yet even the best intentions are often times not enough. Many in long-term recovery have told us that there was nothing they wanted more than to stop the never-ending downward spiral and insanity of addiction. They hated the person they had become and needed help. Recovery isn't easy but it is possible.
If you are here because you or someone you love is in need of support and need to know that you can do this. And you need to do this. Start with a couple of deep breaths and call someone.

The Hope Not Handcuffs Hope Line is 833-202-HOPE (4673).

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