Families Against Narcotics (FAN) is a community-based organization for those seeking recovery, those in recovery, family members affected by addiction, and community supporters. FAN seeks to change the face of addiction, dispel the stigma of addiction, and educate the community, as well as those affected by addiction.


To empower communities through education and recovery services that enhance the quality of life and health of all family members.


To promote a healthy community by reducing stigma and providing a comprehensive continuum of care that empowers individuals and families.


Support all individuals affected by the disease of addiction/substance use disorder.

Destigmatize the disease of substance use disorder.

Provide education and resources to the communities we serve.


Compassionate Care: We believe that all people are worthy and deserving of being treated respectfully and having easy access to treatment.

Integrity: We hold ourselves to a high standard of compassion, honesty, fairness and transparency.

Diversity and Inclusion: We engage in equity and fairness to all members of our community.

Community: We promote and engage in partnerships, knowing that together we can provide a higher
standard of care.

Determination: We have firmness of purpose and overcome adversity and challenges.