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The Crawford County chapter of Families Against Narcotics was formed in the winter of 2020 because of the growing concern over the misuse of drugs and alcohol in the community, as well as the limited resources available to assist those seeking recovery. Local law enforcement agencies saw the value in programs such as Hope Not Handcuffs and the COMEBACK Quick Response Teams and wanted to bring them to the community through FAN.


Crawford County FAN seeks to educate our residents, raise awareness of substance use disorder (SUD) as a disease, help reduce the stigma surrounding SUD, and provide a support network for both individuals and families affected by addiction.


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President Term Exp. 12/22

Judge Hunter was elected to his current position on November 8, 2016.

He is a lifelong Grayling resident who thoroughly enjoys Northern Michigan and all that it offers. He involves himself in many activities in the great outdoors, including such passions as hunting, fishing, shooting, and canoe racing. A second generation judge from Crawford County, Hunter also likes volunteering with many local organizations in his free time. He is a past board member and by-law committee chair of River House, Inc., a nonprofit agency that serves victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Judge Hunter also currently serves as a board member and secretary for the Crawford County Economic Development Partnership, a nonprofit organization dedicated to managing the growth of the county, strengthening the local economy, and maintaining the high quality of life that Crawford County residents treasure. As president of the newly launched Crawford County chapter of Families Against Narcotics, Hunter heads a community-based program that seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of prescription narcotics and other drugs, to dispel the stigma of addiction, and to provide resources and support for those who are seeking recovery or affected by addiction. Judge Hunter is also a member of the Grayling Rotary Club and is the president of the 46th Circuit Bar Association. 



Vice President Term Exp. 12/22

Before retiring in 2017, Lorelei worked as a registered nurse for more than 40 years, specializing in the areas of inpatient acute care, research, education, and administration. With a background of academia in nursing, counseling, and leadership, Lorelei has directed her retirement to further her commitment to community by sitting on several community boards, including Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Authority; Crawford County Commission on Aging; Region 9 Area Agency on Aging; and MidMichigan Community Health Services. As Lorelei began her planning for retirement, she was asked to take the lead for advocacy for the community health center she was employed by. In that capacity, she was able to achieve an Advocacy Center of Excellence recognition by the Advocacy Cennter for Community Health Centers. Lorelei continues to stay active and continues to advocate for health care--including behavioral health--at the local, state, and federal level.


Lorelei’s passion and commitment to the FAN board stems from a personal impact that addiction and consequences of addiction have expended upon family and friends. "I’ve experienced the effects that stigma and lack of knowledge have upon a community," she says. "Moving the needle of progress towards prevention with education and networking will take a whole community”.



Secretary Term Exp. 12/22

In Lynda’s work in the substance abuse prevention field, she partners with local schools, law enforcement agencies, and health service providers to educate people of all ages on the negative outcomes that result from drug use and addiction. She advocates for policy and system changes that prevent underage drug and alcohol use and adult misuse of legal and illegal drugs. Having seen the negative impact of drugs and alcohol abuse in families, Lynda believes in the positive results that a Families Against Narcotics chapter will have in her community.



Treasurer Term Exp. 12/22

Ruth has lived in Crawford County for 34 years. She has been married to her husband, Jack, for 42 years and they have four adult children and four grandchildren. Ruth has been retired for several years from Northern Lakes Community Mental Health, where she held various positions, including nurse, case manager, and emergency services specialist. After retiring from full-time employment, Ruth decided to work part-time as a case manager for Sobriety Court in Crawford County. When that program ended in 2019, she was left with free time to visit family whenever she chose. Ruth enjoys riding her bicycle, kayaking, and gardening. In the colder months, she keeps busy with book club, baking bread, origami, and travel to southern climates. "I joined FAN because I'm very interested in FAN as a community resource for the families of persons who are misusing or addicted to narcotics," Ruth says. "I think FAN is a much-needed benefit for our community, providing ongoing information and working to reduce the barrier of stigma. I look forward to helping this program and the people who need it in any way I can."




Director  Term Exp. 12/22

Bio coming soon.

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Director  Term Exp. 12/22

Angela is a youth development professional with a passion for helping kids develop and strengthen the life skills associated with substance use prevention. As a person in long-term recovery, she understands that substance use disorders often stem from unaddressed trauma or unmet emotional needs. Through her work, Angela tries to create environments and opportunities for youth to establish safe and supportive relationships with others. Through FAN, she hopes to do the same for all people with those same needs. Angela believes that lasting recovery can only come through on-going healthy relationships with ourselves and others, and is excited to play a part in growing the recovery community in Crawford County.


Director Term Exp. 12/22

Alayne's family has been deeply affected by substance misuse with both alcohol and drugs. It has devastated them and has had long-lasting after effects stemming from one suicide, and one failed suicide attempt from two family members. Alayne would like to do her part to help anyone who is struggling with addiction, or be able to point them to resources that will help. She works with businesses in Crawford County and helps get people employed and on the path to self-sufficiency. This includes working with hard-to-employ folks, such as those with substance use disorder. An advocate for getting people the help and resources they need, Alayne's hope is to join efforts to make a difference in her community.

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Director  Term Exp. 12/22

Sheriff Shawn Kraycs is one of the newest sheriffs in Michigan, but he has a lifetime of service in both the United States military and law enforcement. He took the oath of office on December 4th, 2018, and leads a team of 47 employees as the 23rd sheriff in the history of Crawford County. Kraycs has served Crawford County for more than 27 years, working with the Marine Division, Road Patrol, and as a school liaison officer, before being appointed undersheriff in 2002. He also served in the U.S. Navy from 1987 to 1991, then in the Michigan National Guard from 1991 to 2012, when he retired with the rank of major. Sheriff Kraycs is a graduate of Kirtland Community College and Spring Arbor University.



Director  Term Exp. 12/22

A graduate of Baker College in Flint, Sherry has been a physical therapist assistant since 2000. She has more than 20 years of experience dealing with patients who suffer from chronic pain and currently works at Munson Rehabilitation Services in Grayling. Sherry, who lives in Lovells with her fiancé Gary, has also served as a Crawford County Commissioner since 2019. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends and enjoys several outdoor activities. "I have a strong passion to help others and believe everyone deserves health and happiness," Sherry says. She adds that she has dealt with family members and friends who have fought addiction. "I understand the need to beat this disease."


Director  Term Exp. 12/22

Kristen is a graduate of Grayling High School and has come back to the community she grew up in after receiving her bachelor's and master's degrees. She studied both criminal justice and mental health/substance abuse while in school, and has gained firsthand knowledge by working in the area of substance dependence in the community. In addition to working at the GRACE Center, Kristen also works at the local jail. She has witnessed up close what substance use disorder can do to the community and the toll it takes on families. Kristen has worked to help change the language of substance dependence, and to see that those who are struggling get the proper help rather than continue the cycle through the criminal justice system.


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