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In 2017, Huron County experienced a dramatic increase in deaths by opioid poisoning. While arrests associated with substance use continued to increase, there became apparent a need for concerted community effort to support, rather than simply incarcerate, individuals with substance use disorder.

The Huron County Families Against Narcotics chapter exists to remove stigma and strengthen support for individuals with substance use disorder, and their families. Our ultimate goal is to eradicate this disease.


Huron County

4th Tuesday of the month

6:00 p.m.

305 E. Huron Ave., Bad Axe, MI 48413  

Tuscola County
4th Monday of the Month

6:00 p.m.
Hills and Dales Regional Education Center, Room 104
6667 Main St., Cass City, M
I 48726

Use NW Entrance

All are welcome to attend.
(Children 10 and older please.)


Dawn Young
Term Exp 12/21

Dawn Young was raised in the "Thumb" of Michigan and considers the entire region her home. At age 18, she entered Ferris State University's Honors College and graduated summa cum laude in 2006. From 2006 to 2011, Dawn worked in various roles before attending law school. Her previous roles included employment job coach for people with developmental disabilities, acting manager for AFC homes, AT&T Yellow Pages representative, and licensed health and life insurance agent. In May of 2011, Dawn began her legal journey by attending Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School at the Auburn Hills campus. While attending law school, Dawn worked as a Judicial law clerk in Oakland County Circuit Courts. In addition, she was heavily involved with Student Activities and Government at the Auburn Hills campus and served as the Todd Class Senator.  Currently, Dawn is the managing partner of Dawn Young Law PLLC located in Bad Axe, Michigan. 

Todd Kloska
Vice President
Term Exp 12/21

Todd is dedicated to changing our current system in order to help individuals with alcohol and substance use disorders get into treatment and recovery, rather than seeing the same cycle of dependence and incarceration repeat in case after case. As Huron County parole/probation agent, he works closely with the Circuit Court and continuously looks for opportunities to improve outcomes through education, collaboration, and programming.

Ruth Schwendinger
Term Exp 12/21

Ruth’s goal is to spread hope. With a BA in psychology, she has worked to reduce stigma and improve the understanding of mental health and alcohol and substance use disorders across multiple settings for almost a decade. She joined the staff at Huron Behavioral Health and is currently serving as a prevention specialist for Huron County’s Community Mental Health. Ruth continues to hope for her family and friends who have not yet found their path to recovery. She is a native of Des Moines, IA and lives with her husband and two sons. "There is help available, recovery is possible."

Michael Sage
Term Exp 12/21

Michael is the program manager for renewable energy for DTE Energy. His office is in Bad Axe, but he services all of the state of Michigan. Michael's background has been a lifestyle of service, working in many diverse volunteer activities over the years, from a laborer to team leader to board member. He's had the pleasure of working--for more than 40 years--for a company that has the same spirit of service, and DTE has allowed him to be engaged in helping the communities they service, and supporting him in his volunteer efforts. Michael also brings to the table the experience of, with his wife, raising four children, knowledge that will benefit Huron County residents of all ages. Having a family impacted by addiction, Michael hopes his experience can help others who have also been touched by addiction, giving them some hope and support.  


Rev. Ean Green

Rev. Ean Green is the Pastor at Community Wesleyan Church in Elkton, which hosts Celebrate Recovery. He strives to build relationships with individuals with all types of hurts, hang-ups, and habits. Rev. Green works to help people realize the joys life has to offer when we focus on a Christ-centered pathway to freedom. He sets an example by enjoying life through hunting, race car driving, and spending time with his family.

Gary Bio Pic.jpg
Gary Gonzales

Gary has been a member of the FAN Huron County chapter since 2017, and joined as a person with 7 years in recovery. He is a retired United States Marine who served during Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990-91.
He is also a 1997 Graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in communications arts and design.  Gary has worked over 20 years in the printing and advertising industry. He is a member and advocate for Disabled American Veterans, a thyroid cancer awareness advocate, a P.T.S.D. awareness advocate, and an active member of FAN. He has now dedicated his life to guiding others to find treatment and helping families understand recovery and addiction.

Tracy Westendorf

Tracy knows firsthand how devastating addiction can be for someone struggling with addiction, and their families. She has been in recovery since July 24th, 2001, and has also buried her oldest son, Branden, who died of an accidental overdose on July 16th, 2010, at the age of 23. She is now the Tuscola County coordinator for Peer 360 Recovery Alliance and facilitates a weekly All Recovery Peer 360 group in Caro. She also works with the Huron County Recovery Round Table, Tuscola County Recovery and Prevention Coalition, and Great Start Tuscola. Tracy has extensive knowledge of and experience with many different recovery pathways and is active within the recovery community. Her goal is to help end the stigma of addiction and mental illness, and to spread hope to people suffering from substance use disorder and their family members, letting them know that recovery is not only possible, but achievable.

Gwendolyn Particka

Gwendolyn (Lynn) Particka has spent an accumulated 25 years working in business development, not only through her own businesses but as an employee as well. She is also a certified holistic health practitioner and is currently working toward her degree in naturopathic psychology. Lynn has fostered a special place in her heart for those touched by addiction and is the foster mom of a 21-year-old son who has mental health and addiction issues. She has researched extensively to find help for her son and is determined to help those who are seeking options. Her passion and ambitions as secretary for the Huron County FAN board are to educate the community by encouraging them to share their story and message. In her words, "There IS hope, so never give up!"

Judge Geral Prill

Judge Prill was elected circuit judge for Huron County in 2014. Prior to being elected, Judge Prill was in private practice for approximately twelve years and also served as an assistant prosecuting attorney for six years.  He attended Michigan State University and Western Michigan University Thomas Cooley Law School. Since taking the bench, Judge Prill has seen the effects of drug use and addiction, not only on the individual but also on the family and the community at large. He has been proactive in allowing people with a substance use disorder the opportunity to help themselves through residential treatment programs and counseling in lieu of confinement, with the ultimate goal of breaking the power of addiction.


Holly Papp
Family Interventionist at Professional Counseling Center and the Families First of Michigan program

Angie Souva
Community Member

Joni Clark

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