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Washtenaw Meeting Recaps

ADDICTION: Is It Really a Disease, and If So, So What?

Dr. Lynn Hankes, MD, FASAM

Those struggling with substance use disorders are often on the receiving end of negative perceptions, attitudes and sentiments that can act as a roadblock to recovery.

The Truth About Teens and Marijuana

Carl Christensen, MD, Oh.D., FASAM

Our September Family Forum shed light on the negative impact of marijuana, or cannabis, on teens and adolescents. Guest speaker Carl Christensen, MD, Ph.D., FASAM, discussed how marijuana use can affect the developing brain — often with harmful and long-lasting consequences to a teen’s health and well-being.

Bringing Recovery Into Hospitals

Panel Discussion

At our August family forum, Washtenaw FAN hosted a panel of experts representing some of Michigan’s largest healthcare systems who are committed to changing the way we view and treat SUDs.

The Link Between Diet, Mental Health and Addiction

Kristen Alott, ND, MS and Natasha Duarte, MS

As many people struggle with chronic anxiety, fatigue and depression, they experience cravings and addictions to soothe these discomforts. Kristen and Natasha are passionate about helping you develop tools to improve the body’s power supply. The result? Less anxiety and cravings, and more energy and mental clarity to support a more engaged life.

The Self-Expression Experience: Methods for Healing and Bonding in Recovery

Dylan Lundgren

TEDx Speaker and Addiction Recovery Advocate Dylan Lundgren shares how expression is the road on which we reconnect to ourselves and the world.

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Soaring Above Addiction: A Former Airline Captain's Story of Recovery

Lyle Prouse

From respected pilot to national disgrace and subsequent return to the cockpit, Lyle shes his remarkable story of recovery and how other may do the same.

From the Front Lines: Military Veterans and the Fight Against Addiction

Sazha Alexandra Ramos, Eric Fretz, PJ.D., and Jamaine Atkins

As our nation wages an ongoing war against substance misuse, U.S. military veterans are fighting their own set of challenges thatcan often lead to addiction.

Lead by a panel of recovery experts, the March Washtenaw FAN Family Forum addresses the unique difficulties that veterans face related to addiction — both during and after the military — and
the journey to recovery.

Navigating Intimate Relationships During Early Recovery

Panel of Recovery Experts

Although healthy relationships are foundational to recovery, romantic relationships—if not navigated carefully—can hinder the early recovery process.

Lead by a distinguished panel of recovery experts, our February Washtenaw FAN Family Forum: The Heart of the Matter: Navigating Intimate Relationships During Early Recovery, tackled the myriad of challenges that can arise when starting out on the path to recovery.

The discussion addressed both new and existing relationships, as well as specific recommendations for when one or both intimate parties are in recovery

Stop Standing in Your Own Way:
The Path from Hardship to Recovery

Antwan Brown

Hardship and adversity may seem like aninsurmountable roadblock to an individual in recovery.

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, guest speaker Antwan J. Brown shares his inspiring
story of how he was able to emerge from an environment plagued by drugs and violence to find
prosperity and purpose—and how others can do the same.

Antwan shares how individuals can stop “standing in their own way” on the path to recovery using a success mindset: particularly those who encounter challenges based on their history, background or environment.

I'm Still A Person: Addressing Stigma Around Substance Misuse

Dr. Audrey Begun

Stigma has the potential to impede many aspects of an individual’s recovery process, as well as
detrimentally affect his or her family members.

Dr. Begun presents relevant, useful content regarding non-stigmatizing language concerning substance misuse and the impact of stigma on recovery efforts and individuals engaged in misuse— as well as on their families.

Hitting the Wall: How Sustained Crises Present Opportunities for Personal Transformation

Dr. Chantelle Thomas, PhD

While the COVID crisis has impacted us all in
different ways, we all share in the need for outlets
for destressing and decompressing during this
difficult time.

Join guest speaker and clinical psychologist Dr.
Chantelle Thomas for a discussion on how the
current pandemic crisis presents an opportunity to
understand and “live inside” the struggles inherent
to the recovery journey.

Navigating College While in Addiction Recovery: Critical Program for Peer Recovery Support

Hosted by Washtenaw Community College

Those in addiction recovery face many challenges as they re-construct their lives and create a life-long recovery focus.

While college living can be difficult for those in recovery, a Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) can offer hope. A University-provided program, CRPs can provide a supportive environment within the campus culture that reinforces the decision to engage in a lifestyle of recovery from substance use.

Hosted by Washtenaw FAN and Washtenaw Community College, the forum featuresstudents in recovery from 5 colleges and universities from around the state of Michigan who will share their personal experiences and perspectives relating to CRPs and their recovery journey.

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