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I grew up in a very caring and loving household. I never wanted or needed anything growing up.  It was an all-American childhood.  But in high school, I veered from that path. I started using for several reasons when I was 15. My dad had passed away recently, and I wanted to fit in with everybody. I just thought it was fun. It started when I had knee surgery and was prescribed Vicodin for the pain. In high school I played baseball, basketball and football, and was in honors and AP classes. I graduated with a 3.7 from Fraser and had an opportunity to play football at Ferris State University, but I passed up that chance to stay closer to home and went to Eastern Michigan instead. At college was when I started using heavily. I was on my third knee surgery and fifth surgery altogether when I started doctor shopping.  After my fourth knee surgery, the doctors caught on and stopped prescribing me so I quit for a short period.


I moved back home due to a great job opportunity, was making more money and started buying OxyContin. I used that every day for almost two years, and within those two years I lost my great job, totaled my car, lost my girlfriend, and was stealing from anyone and anywhere I could to support my habit.  When my brother committed suicide, I just continued using more and more.  I didn't care about anything and thought that was my excuse to use as much as I wanted.  A couple months after, I decided I didn't want to live like that anymore and checked into rehab.


After rehab I relapsed for a short period of time. I realized I needed more help so I moved into a sober living house. The support I receive there, as well as daily 12-step meetings, provides me with something to fill the void I used to fill with drugs and alcohol.  I work daily to better myself so I don't fall back into old patterns. 

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