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From the Front Lines: Military Veterans and the Fight Against Addiction

Monday, March 8th | 7 PM EST

Featuring 2020 MDHHS Hometown Hero Award Recipient Jamaine Atkins

As our nation wages an ongoing war against substance misuse, U.S. military veterans are fighting their own set of challenges that can often lead to addiction. The March Washtenaw FAN Family Forum will address the unique difficulties that veterans face related to addiction — both during and after the military — and the journey to recovery.


For many veterans, the sense of service doesn’t end when they step into civilian life. In fact, according to, “Veterans do positive things in their neighborhood, spend time with and do favors for their neighbors, and donate to charity at higher rates than their civilian counterparts.” However, the emotional and physical toll of serving in the military, coupled with the stressful transition from military to civilian life, often causes veterans to turn to substances as a way to cope. Other factors that can lead to addiction include PTSD, separation from family and battlefield injuries.


This dynamic panel discussion will feature Sazha Alexandra Ramos, founder of Recovery Organization Resources; Eric Fretz, Ph.D., director of Michigan State Selective Services; and Jamaine Atkins, founder of Any Lengths Sober Living and recipient of the 2020 Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Hometown Hero Award.


These veterans continue to be front-line leaders in the areas of housing, recovery resources, mentorship, education and stigma reduction. They will share stories of hope and discuss resources available for veterans who are struggling, as well as volunteer and networking opportunities. 

Advance registration is required - please register below to receive the webinar link.


Meet the Speakers

Get to know the panel of experts leading our March family forum discussion

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