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Washtenaw Board

Washtenaw County
Board Members

Executive Board

Mario Nanos.jpg

Mario Nanos


Mario is a family man and entrepreneur in the healthcare field. His son, Yanni, died tragically in 2018 of a heroin overdose. Mario is passionate about providing the community with the education and resources it needs in order to promote recovery. He is always willing to collaborate with like-minded individuals.

jamaine atkins.png

Jamaine Atkins


Before being elected as Washtenaw Families Against Narcotics (FAN) Vice-President, Jamaine Atkins dedicated several years of his life to the recovery community of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.  While pursuing a Psychology degree at Eastern Michigan University, he simultaneously supported clients of local treatment centers: taking them to daily 12 step meetings, religious services, and personal appointments. It was while allowing former detox clients, who were waitlisted for transitional housing to sleep at his home, that Jamaine decided to launch Any Lengths Sober Living, housing over 150 men since 2018.


Jamaine has continued to engage with those in early stages of recovery as an employee of Home of New Vision and Growth Works Inc. of Wayne County.  He has also managed to balance the mentorship of several participants of Washtenaw County Veterans Treatment Court, conducting addiction research for Wayne State Medical School, and giving continued love and support to those struggling with addiction, while also raising children of his own.  


Jamaine has been an active participant of Washtenaw FAN since its inception. His passion for the recovery community, removing the stigma associated with addiction and educating himself and others in matters related to Substance Abuse Disorder make him a welcome addition to the Board of Washtenaw FAN.  


Angela Tiberia


Angela Tiberia is a recovery advocate who cares deeply about addiction, an issue that continues to impact her loved ones and community. She works at the U-M Addiction Center since 2016 as both a Research Program Administrator and Communications Liaison. She also provides education and outreach support for U-M Department of Psychiatry. Angela received her master’s degree from the University of North Carolina in Public Health. She has a passion for bridging the cognitive gap between addiction research and public knowledge. It is her belief that when the science of addiction is communicated skillfully, it can help change perspectives, reduce stigma, and empower change within individuals, families, communities, and institutions.




Tom is currently working as a substance use disorder clinical therapist. Tom provides both group and individual therapy for clients. Tom currently works with clients in the criminal justice system, as well as veterans and professional athletes. Tom received his bachelor’s degree from Hillsdale College in Education and Psychology. Tom was a scholarship athlete at Hillsdale as a member of the Hillsdale Charger football team. Tom received his master’s degree from the University of Michigan School of Social Work with a focus of interpersonal practice in mental health. Prior to becoming a healthcare professional, Tom was in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for 22 years. He held a variety of positions in sales, training, and management.


Tom was elected to the Washtenaw FAN Advisory Board in October of 2020. He was then elected as a member of the Executive Board of Directors as treasurer in January of 2021. As a person in long term recovery himself, Tom is an active member of the recovery community. Tom has a passion for helping others trying to manage their substance misuse and help reduce the stigma associated with the disease of addiction in the community.  

All are welcome to attend.
(Children 10 and older please.)

Board of Directors

Berg Color.jpg

James Berg

James is the VP of Business Development at Helix Diagnostics, a toxicology and genetics diagnostic provider, with a focus on education of physicians and providers with drug testing guidelines. He has maintained sobriety since 2009. His greatest passion is helping other alcoholics and addicts through sponsorship.

Brummett- Master Headshot .JPG

Dr. Chad BrummetT

Dr. Brummett is the Director of Pain Research and Director of Clinical Anesthesia Research at Michigan Medicine. He is also Co-Director of Michigan-OPEN, which aims to prevent chronic opioid use/misuse through the development of appropriate prescribing guidelines for healthcare providers, along with the organization and promotion of medication take-back events.


Dr. Adam Joy

Dr. Adam Joy is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder, owner and clinical director of the Joy Family Center in Ann Arbor. Joy Family Center is an outpatient mental health clinic serving people from across Michigan, including those with substance use disorders. Dr. Joy earned his B.A. in psychology from Michigan State University in 2005. He then departed for California, where he attended Pepperdine University to continue his studies. He graduated with his M.A. in psychology in 2008 and went on to obtain his doctorate of psychology in 2013, graduating with honors as vice president of his class. Dr. Joy completed his postdoctoral fellowship training at The Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City before later returning to his home state and completing his licensure in 2015. Dr. Joy has been clean and sober since October 2018. He is an active participant in the recovery community in Washtenaw County and regularly attends 12-step meetings. He takes great pride in being able to utilize his personal and professional experience to help people with their journey into recovery.

Steve Feldmanphoto.jpg

Steve feldman

Steve has been in recovery since 1992. He is a coach and interventionist at Feinberg Consulting, an organization that helps coordinate care and develop highly individualized care plans for patients, which consider injuries, aging, addiction, and mental health. He has a passion for helping people connect to their purpose and meaning in life.



Todd is the president of Krempel Insulation Technologies, LP, a USA division supplying materials to the electrical motor, generator, aerospace, solar and mobility markets. He has a bachelor’s degree in business and sociology from Hartwick College NY, and was introduced to FAN in 2019, upon meeting Washtenaw FAN President Mario Nanos at Al-Anon groups. As he and his wife struggled to help family members through dual health problems with opioids and type 1 diabetes, he joined the board in July 2020 with a goal to continue to educate, learn and become a resource for others in the community.

Advisory Board

Dawn Blackburn

Recovery Advocate

Molly Welch Marahar

Senior Opioid Policy Analyst
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Nathan Mair

Recovery Advocate

Bridget Mary McCormack
Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice

Colleen Warner RN BSN

Washtenaw County Health Department


Rachel Raneses
Pharmacy Student at the University of Michigan


Lindsay Ramos

Health Care Professional and Recovery Advocate

Bill Nurmi
President/Clinical Therapist Inspire Behavioral Health


Alexis B. Vitta

Person in Recovery/Recovery Advocate.


Mary Neff CRNA
Michigan OPEN:

Project Member and Michigan Medicine Anesthesiology 

David Awadalla B.S. HP MSW

Opioid Consultant

Division of Chronic Disease & Injury Control

Department of Health & Human Services  State of Michigan

Arlene Maxim

Recovery Advocate


Megan Galvin Board

Health Care Professional and Recovery Advocate

Eli Savet

Chief Prosecuting Attorney Washtenaw County

Jason Schwartz

Director of Behavioral Health, St. Mary Mercy - Livonia

Jason Schwartz

Director of Behavioral Health, St. Mary Mercy - Livonia


Letty Azar
Person in Recovery/Recovery Advocate


Hon. Charles J. Pope

Retired 14B Judicial District


Hon. Joseph F. Burke

15th Judicial District Court Judge

Joanna Smith, LLMSW

Behavorial Health Consultant
Michigan Opiod Collaborative


Mary Morris-Donaldson
Recovery Advocate


Ally Orzel

Pharmacy Student at the University of Michigan

Victoria Barnett

Woman in Recovery

Jean Mitchell

Recovery Advocate

Hanna Marten

Recovery Advocate

Holly Kitchen

Recovery Advocate

Hailey Kitchen

Recovery Advocate

Keith Larsen

Washtenaw FAN Photographer

Brandon Schulte

Washtenaw FAN Zoom Meeting Manager

Chelsea Brodfuehrer LLBSW

Recovery Advocate

Lisa King

Recovery Advocate

Families Against Narcotics - Washtenaw Chapter

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